About Us

iJewels is a fashion-forward jewellery website offering the finest pieces of jewellery at the best prices. We are delighted with our successful growth to date and plan on further expansion in the near future. Since 1994, we have offered our customers an impressive selection of high quality yet affordable and trendy fashion jewellery. As we grow, we have extended our tremendous collections to include Gold and Diamonds, 925 fine sterling silver, Swarovski elements, Majorca pearls, family jewellery, and  gold plated jewellery, just to mention a few.

Our first priority is our commitment to great customer care. All of our retail sales professionals are very customer-oriented and their in-depth product knowledge is unsurpassable. Our philosophy is simple: We don’t follow fashion. We define it.

At iJewels we pride ourselves by the ability to purchase at source thereby eliminating the traditional layers of wholesalers and foreign manufacturers. Diamonds and gemstones are  mostly in our own workshops thereby assuring superior quality as well as amazing value to our customers. We pride ourselves on customer service.

Our Products